This day has been a long time coming. Many songs written over many miles travelled, stories of love and loss, joy and sorrow. Days where I wanted to give up and quit, but kept finding the resolve to keep on keeping on, making so many beautiful moments and memories along the way. And here we are, July 8, 2016, the day I get to share my new album, Dearestly, with the world.

There’s much that I could say about all that this album holds, but I’ll let the songs speak for themselves. It’s been a labour of love and I am so proud of how it all came together. Howard and Josh who co-produced the album were so instrumental in shaping the songs and the sound, and it really wouldn’t be the same without them. It was such a fun and collaborative process to write and record these songs, and it helped me rediscover my passion for creating and performing music. Not that I had lost that passion, but I was certainly very burnt out from a few years of constant touring and some intense personal struggles. But they say that beauty is born from pain, and this album is a testament to that.

Dearestly is available for a pay-what-you-feel digital download today, and physical copies (CD & vinyl) will be released August 19. We decided to do a pay-what-you-feel model for the digital download to get the album into as many ears as possible. Since we don’t have a lot of industry support, our fans and friends are who will help us get the word out. We also announced a big cross-Canada tour happening this fall, so check out the dates and see if we’ll be playing near you!

I hope you will check out Dearestly, download it, maybe pre-order a physical copy, and perhaps even share it with your friends. And if you enjoy the album, I’d love to hear how it makes you feel, what songs are your favourite, and which ones really speak to you. I’ve kept these songs very close to me for so long, and I’m excited to give them to the world and see what happens with them.

Much love,


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