Lauren Mann Sings David Bowie

bowie cover

I’ve always been a fan of the late great David Bowie, but I had never delved deep into his work. After his passing on January 10, I was inspired to learn a few of his songs and share them with you for this month’s exclusive. I went back through his extensive catalogue, listening to song after song, and finally settled on three that I thought I could add my own flair to. It was really interesting to dig a bit deeper into his work, and it gave me a much greater appreciation for his artistry and songwriting. He was truly a legend, and an artist who has left us with a beautiful legacy. Working on these songs has pushed me out of my creative comfort zone, and I learned a lot through the process while thoroughly enjoying listening to David Bowie and learning more about his life and work.

When I started working on these songs, I knew that we needed some sort of visual to go along with it. And what better visual than re-creating the cover of Bowie’s album Alladin Sane? My friend Elizabeth from Studio B Hair Art came over and did an amazing job turning me into David Bowie.

You can access these three songs by signing up for the Exclusive Content Project. It’s a subscription starting at only $6/month, and every month we give you exclusive access to new songs, online concerts, merchandise and more. Get more info HERE.



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