There’s Something Brilliant Bound to Happen Here

You know those moments when you’re listening to a song as you’re doing something and that moment gets engrained in your mind forever and anytime you think of it, or do the same thing, that song comes back to mind?

That happened for me on our trip to Chicago, not with a song, but with an entire album. Zoltan bought me Death Cab for Cutie’s new record Kintsugi in Madison, so we loaded it onto the phone and listened (through the great stereo system on our Kia Soul rental) on the drive from Madison to Chicago. After that drive it became the soundtrack to the rest of the trip.

I haven’t had a listening experience like that for a long time, where we turned up the music and listened to the album front to back, not knowing what would come next from song to song. Maybe it was the circumstances that accompanied the music, but I found Kintsugi to be so beautiful, and the perfect soundtrack to our adventure. It didn’t get the best reviews, but I’ve still been listening to it a lot and I haven’t tired of it. Some of my favourite tracks are You’ve Haunted Me All My Life, Ingenue, and Binary Sea. Lots of the songs are reminiscent of older songs in Death Cab’s catalogue, and maybe that’s what I like about it. I’ll always swoon over Ben Gibbard’s vocals, and his wit and honesty that comes through in the lyrics.

What songs or albums have grabbed your attention lately? Do you have songs that trigger a certain memory of a time or place? I’d love to hear what all of you think!

Photos are from the Chicago Botanic Gardens that we visited before our flight home last Thursday.










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