Victoria Day Vibes


I hope all you lovelies are enjoying the long weekend, and if it’s not a long weekend where you are, then I hope Monday is treating you well! Maxine and I are enjoying a relaxing day at home working on music (me) and playing in the grass/napping (Maxine). I’m so thankful to be able to set aside Mondays and Fridays to work on music and have some intentional creative time. Today I’m working on some really old songs that we’re re-recording and refining for our Exclusive Content Project.

This project has been keeping me on my toes with music and other creative endeavours and I love it! It’s been stretching me way out of my comfort zone, but even in just the past few months, I’ve become much more confident in the ways of recording, something that used to intimidate me because, while I knew how to write the musical parts, I wasn’t very familiar with the technical side of things. More and more I’m learning how important it is to always be challenging yourself and be ambitious about working towards goals. You will undoubtedly see so much growth in yourself, and that is the most encouraging thing!





Anyway, I couldn’t help but capture these shots of Max playing in the grass this morning. She loves being outside, and today instead of leaving her to play, I sat on the grass and joined in, and it was so fun! Of course after the playtime was some hardcore nap time. Maxine is definitely able to find the comfiest napping spots.




Happy Monday!


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