Star of Wonder EP and a new website!

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This fall was a crazy one for us with lots of changes, and everything that went along with the Peak Performance Project. Zoltan and I had joked that when it was all over we were going to be left with nothing to do, so he brought up the idea of recording some Christmas songs. I didn’t really want to think about any new projects, but when it was all said and done and we had some time to just hang out, I realized that all I wanted to do was get back into the mode of recording and creating music.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


These three songs were the perfect outlet, and I’m so happy with how they turned out. It was also the first time we used our newly acquired RME Fireface 800 interface, AKG 214 mic and Yamaha HS8 studio monitors. Ours is a humble setup but even though it’s simple, it’s nice having some good quality gear to work with.  Zoltan has been learning lots about mic set-up and using Logic, which gave me the opportunity to focus on the songs and arrangements. I’m hoping to get more well-versed in running the software, but for now it’s nice that Zoltan knows what he’s doing so I don’t have to worry about troubleshooting and turning knobs. At this point, anyway.


We started the EP in the basement of our friend’s house in Brooks, AB where we recorded the piano, ukelele, and vocal scratch tracks. We wanted to make sure we got the songs done quickly so we brought our gear along with us on our tour to Manitoba. We set up a little portable studio in our friend Greg’s basement in Winnipeg and Josh recorded some guitar parts, and then in another friend’s basement in Saskatoon we finished off the guitar, did some vocal tracking, and recorded a bunch of additional keyboards.




We released the songs yesterday along with the unveiling of our brand new website. In addition to the website, we announced a new project that we started where we’ll be releasing exclusive content every month to anyone who subscribes. It might be some demos, a video, collaboration, or in this case, the Star of Wonder EP! You can read more about this new project on our website.



I hope you’re all enjoying the Christmas season and not getting too busy! We’re really loving life in Calgary, and all the opportunities that come along with it.

Until next time,



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