Highlights from Boot Camp!

Almost two weeks ago, we left home for another adventure. It’s not really a tour because we’re only playing three shows, but it’ll be a few weeks before we’re back home. Our first stop was Rockridge Canyon in Princeton, BC for a week of Boot Camp with the Peak Performance Project. We spent the week with 23 other bands and a team of industry professionals learning about everything to do with the music industry, from songwriting to Factor grants to branding to honing our live show. It was a lot of fun, and one of the most intense weeks of our career!

Besides filling our days with workshops and learning from industry veterans, we also spent a couple late nights collaborating on a song with Jon Bryant (you’ll be able to hear it soon),  and we also had some time to take a hike up the Pinnacle, but most importantly, we made some amazing friends with the many amazing bands and faculty members.

Here are some shots from the week taken by Sebastian Buzzalino and Christopher James Guy. Enjoy!

boot camp2

boot camp 12

boot camp12

boot camp13

boot camp3

boot camp5

boot camp6

boot camp17

boot camp19

boot camp20

boot camp8

boot camp10

And there you have it. Stay in touch with us as we’ve got some really exciting things happening this fall!

Until next time,



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