Welcome to our Practice Space!

Happy Friday everyone!

A few of you might have seen random pictures and posts about our practice space, so I thought I’d give you a closer look at where we spend many of our evenings getting ready for tour and working on new songs!


This winter we had a few months off, and one of our goals was to spend a lot of time working on music. To do that though, we needed a space, so we started talking to people around town to see if we could find something that worked. A local heavy duty mechanical company offered to let us use a huge empty room in their office as a temporary solution, which was a great start.


A few months later the owner of a local self-storage company got in touch with us and said they had an empty unit we could use. At first we found it quite unconventional, using a storage unit to rehearse in, but we put in some work to make it cozy and comfortable, and we’ve grown to love it!


Since the unit is essentially a corrugated metal box, we needed to make some adjustments, not only for aesthetics, but also so sound wouldn’t be reverberating from wall to wall and making us crazy. I found a few curtain panels at the local thrift stores and combined those with a collection of fabrics from my mother-in-law and we were able to cover almost all of the wall space with fabric.


We put down some carpets, Jess made a doily bunting banner, and we found some lamps and Christmas lights and all of a sudden, our metal box was converted into a cozy, living room-like space. It’s not big, but everyone’s got enough space to play and move around a little.



The one characteristic of this space that I didn’t really consider until we started rehearsing in it was that it’s very isolated, and that’s a good thing! In the winter, we would close the door, and we’d be stuck in a box with nothing to do but work on music. No distractions, no outside influences, only us and our instruments and a handful of songs. It made for some productive evenings.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of our humble space! We dream of one day having our own place where we can spread out a bit and maybe have a studio or something, but for now we’re so thankful for the generosity of the community, and having a place to work on our craft!

Until next time,

P.S. Don’t forget! Next week we’re hitting the road for a tour through Alberta and British Columbia and we’d love to see you at a show! Check out all the tour dates HERE.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to our Practice Space!

  1. Looks very cozy, but not much room for Zoltan to jump around like at the live shows! How did you keep him ‘contained’? lol
    It is amazing how many distractions are around us. Did the container interfere with cell reception also?

    1. Ryan…it’s true…Zoltan doesn’t have a lot of space! But I make sure he’s busy learning parts so he can’t really jump around during rehearsal. 😉 And cell reception is fine, there’s even wifi! So we’re not completely distraction-free..


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