CBC Searchlight: WE MADE IT!!!

At 7:15 this morning, we got a call from none other than Jian Ghomeshi, saying that we had been chosen as Canada’s best new emerging artist! WOW! I don’t really have words to accurately say how happy and thankful and completely honoured we are to have won. It’s been an amazing day, and we feel on top of the world! Here’s a little video of our reaction from early this morning. It says it all.

Don’t forget! We have a tour coming up through Alberta and BC and we’d love to see you at a show! Check out our FACEBOOK page for all the details!

Much love,


2 thoughts on “CBC Searchlight: WE MADE IT!!!

  1. lauren et al
    Sincere, but belated, congratulations to Lauren and all we fairly odd folk who support your success!…keep working and keep on playing!….how is the view front the top?!

    Respect from your shared name sake, and “harp player on demand”
    Lorne G Mann QC
    X-Mayor of Peace River…formerly Alberta CBC Culture ville…


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