CBC Searchlight: The Top 10!

Guys…THANK YOU! It was announced this morning on CBC Radio Q that we are one of five artists who made it to the Top 10 in the CBC Searchlight contest with votes! The other five artists will be chosen by the judges and announced this afternoon. Needless to say, we’re amazed! And really, it was all you guys. You are the best. Thank you for tweeting, posting, sharing, and telling all your friends to vote for us. It goes a long way!

We also finished another round of Contest Inception, and the winner for this round was Rhonda Bill who shared one of our photos! Thank you Rhonda, and congrats!!

This is the LAST week of voting, and next Tuesday the ONE ARTIST with the highest votes will move on, and three artists will be chosen by the judges. From there, a winner will be announced! Voting will start this afternoon, so please stay with us for this last week of intensity! You can click HERE to vote every day from as many devices as you have access to. 🙂

For the final week of voting, and round 3 of contest inception, this is what you could win:
-4 tickets to a show of your choice
-dinner with the band before the show (winner only)
-first watch of new song/videos
-ALL music ever released by Lauren (Lauren Mann EP, Lost & Found EP, Stories From Home, All is Bright EP, Over Land and Sea (both deluxe and regular editions).

To enter, just make a facebook post or tweet tagging the band, and including the link to vote! (bit.ly/LMATFOFcbcmusic)

Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts! We can’t wait to see what will happen as the contest comes to an end. It’s seriously been SO much fun.

Until next time,



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