Creative Endeavours

Cabin Knits

Music has always been my voice, my outlet, a way for me to express the deep yearnings of my heart in a way that others can understand. I’ve always found great joy in writing songs and melodies, and I hope that I will never lose that joy. But I am a creative person to the core, and I love discovering new mediums to express that creativity. I love writing, and song, but I also love making things with my hands.

When we started touring three and a half years ago, I realized that I was going to be spending exorbitant amounts of time sitting in a vehicle watching the countryside roll by. So I decided to try knitting, and it soon became a passionate hobby. I love making something that is artful and creative, but still functional, and able to be worn and appreciated by someone.

After selling some of my creations at shows for a few years, I decided to start a little online store last fall to share my knitted creations with the world. It was quite exciting, and since that happened, I’ve been dreaming of ways to expand and reach a wider audience, so with a little re-branding, and some design help from my talented husband, I’m excited to announce that I’ve re-launched my online store, Cabin Knits, on Etsy with a new branding, and lots of new handknit and handmade creations. I don’t know where this little creative endeavour will lead, but I’m excited to share the journey with you!

I would love it if you swung by and perused the shop, and maybe find something you love! And if you have an idea of something you’d like made, I love doing custom creations, so let me know!

And don’t forget…there are only a few days left to vote in this round of the CBC Searchlight Contest, so please head over HERE and cast your vote!

Until next time,



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