CBC Searchlight…The Nationals!

First of all, THANK YOU so, so, so much to everyone who has been diligently voting for us in the CBC Searchlight competition. We found out yesterday that we one of 24 regional winners, and we are representing Southern Alberta in this next round of the contest. And YOU are the reason we’ve made it so far, so thank you! This next round lasts only for a week, and five artists will be chosen by voting and another five artists will be chosen by a panel of celebrity judges. Those top ten artists will advance to the next round which will get narrowed down to four (one by voting and three by judging), and then the judges will chose a winner!

You can keep voting daily HERE: bit.ly/LMATFOFcbcmusic

We also had a contest of our own happening last week, and the winner of that was Carlos Medrano who tweeted and posted on facebook like a madman about the contest! Congratulations Carlos!

This week we are doing another round of “Contest Inception.” The winner will be announced after voting closes on Monday, April 28. The prize pack for this round is:

– 4 tickets to a show of your choice
– LMATFOF t-shirt of your choice
– Large format art print of your favourite song/lyrics from Over Land and Sea
– Postcard from the road
– $25 gift card to Cabin Knits (my online knitting store which I will be launching this week)

To enter, just make a Facebook post or tweet tagging the band and including the link to vote (bit.ly/LMATFOFcbcmusic).

Thanks again for all of your incredible support. We’ve been having a lot of fun with this contest, not only for connecting with all of you in different ways, but also for finding so much amazing Canadian music. We are proud to live in a country that supports music like Canada does. I definitely recommend checking out the other Searchlight artists; you might find a new favourite band!

Until next time,



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