A Contest Within a Contest!

Happy Monday, everyone! We are so excited to announce that we’ve made it to the next round of the CBC Searchlight Contest, thanks to all of your relentless voting! This next round is quick, and ends in just a week, with only one band per region moving on, so please keep voting for us every day here: bit.ly/LMATFOFcbcmusic

Since we’re now in the regional finals, we decided to start a contest of our own to keep things fresh and give YOU a chance to win some spiffy prizes. Think of it as a contest within a contest…or contest inception. We’ll be giving away a variety of prize packs, one for each round we advance onto, so next Monday, when we hopefully announce that we’re going to the next round, we’ll draw for the first prize pack and announce the person via Facebook and Twitter. We’ll do the same for the final two rounds should we make it to the end. (This contest is open to anyone, anywhere.)

This round, the prize pack consists of:
– 4 tickets to a show of your choice (no expiry date)
– A Fairly Odd Folk canvas tote bag
– ALL music ever released by Lauren (Lauren Mann EP, Lost & Found EP, Stories From Home, All is Bright EP, and both deluxe and regular editions of Over Land and Sea).

To enter, make a PUBLIC post on your Facebook page with the link to our CBC music profile where people can vote (You can use this short link: bit.ly/LMATFOFcbcmusic), tag our band in the post, and let people know you’re voting for us. That’s it! To get started, connect with us on Facebook here: facebook.com/laurenmannmusic.

(Please make sure that the specific post is set to public or we will have no way to see it and enter you in the contest. Don’t worry though, setting the post to public will not give people access to your personal information, it will just allow public viewing of that specific post, nothing else.)

You can also do the same on Twitter by tweeting the voting link, and tagging us (@laurenmann).

You may make AS MANY POSTS AS YOU WANT! Each post on each platform will enter you in the contest, so if you post 5 times on Facebook, 6 times on twitter, and send out an email, you’ll have 12 entries in our contest! The more posts you make the more chances you have to win, and hopefully the more chances we have to win the CBC Music #Searchlight contest!

Lastly, if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter but would still like to enter, you may send a mass email to the entirety of, or a portion of your email contacts. Make sure to put all the emails in the BCC section so no one sees your contact list. Include our email (oddfolk@laurenmannmusic.com) on the email, and we’ll enter you in the contest.

Let us know if you have any questions about anything, and THANK YOU again to everyone who has been voting for us. It’s been really exciting, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without your help!

Until next time,



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