It’s Always Midwinter In Winnipeg

This past weekend we found ourselves in the snowy city of Winnipeg for a few days. We played an awesome show at Sam’s Place on Thursday night and then took the next few days off to take in some JunoFest shows and just hang out. After playing a week of shows in a row, it was nice to have a few days off, and even nicer to get to see some live music that didn’t involve us playing. Surprisingly, it doesn’t happen that often while on tour.

Since all the JunoFest shows were happening in the evening, we spent the daylight hours exploring some cool spots in Winnipeg, and I thought it would be cool to keep going with the #getlocalwithlauren theme and feature some favourite spots in cities that we visit. So, here are a few places we hit this weekend that you should definitely check out if you are ever in Winnipeg, and later this week I’ll do a little post about some of the great music we heard at JunoFest!

A few years ago, Zoltan and I discovered a great vintage and costume shop in the Exchange District called Ragpickers. They’ve since closed their retail store, but we found their warehouse in an old industrial area just north of downtown that is filled to the brim with vintage clothes from every decade, costumes, and artifacts. They don’t sell out of their warehouse (but they do the occasional pop-up store in various locations around Winnipeg) but it was so much fun browsing their collections and talking vintage and theatre with the curators, Ed and Kristen. They encouraged us to try their in-house swing, and since I was taking a few photos, Ed busted out the coffin and bathtub for props. I guess you never really know what to expect in the company of a playwright! If you’re ever in the need for a fancy dress or outfit for a wedding or production, definitely check it out!











Yuki Sushi
A few weeks ago Zoltan took me out for sushi for my first time, and I really enjoyed it! So when we had an hour to kill before seeing Royal Canoe on Saturday, and I read some good reviews of a sushi place across the street, we decided to check it out. It was a funny little hole in the wall, kind of diner style, which you wouldn’t expect for a sushi place. But the owners were really nice and we quite enjoyed the food. We ordered a platter which had a smattering of tempura rolls, california rolls, and a few other selections. And of course, complimentary green tea. It’s definitely not the most sophisticated establishment, but we had a really pleasant experience, so if sushi is your thing, you’ll probably enjoy it!







We also stopped in at Rhymes With Orange, a super cute vintage shop in the Exchange District run by the lovely ladies at Oh So Lovely, and Into The Music, a great new and used record store.

I hope you’re all having a great start to the week, and don’t forget to keep posting your local adventures and tagging them with #getlocalwithlauren!

Until next time,



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