You Got Local!


Well, I was definitely planning on posting your responses to my last post, Let’s Get Local, a few weeks ago, but life got away from me for a little bit and so a few things had to go on the backburner, but I’m back! We left for tour yesterday and if the first show was any indication of the rest of this tour, it’s going to be really great! But more on that later…

A big thank you to everyone who posted about their favourite local spots! It’s really fun to see where you like to hang out in your communities. Not only do I think it’s a great way to encourage each other to support local businesses and appreciate where we live, but it’s also great to know cool places to hang out when travelling! Feel free to keep sharing photos of your local adventures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the tag #getlocalwithlauren.

So here are some of the photos that you shared with me!

kolinthemeadows@kolinthemeadows shared about the coffee shop she owns in Tiffin, OH called Java House. We definitely hope to hit it up on our next journey to America! And you should make sure to check out her husband’s band, Get In The Ark. We played with them in Columbus, OH and they are such a pleasure to listen to!

carissa websterMy friend (and former Fairly Odd Folk) Carissa Webster shared a picture of some lovely old architecture at the University of Saskatoon in Saskatoon, SK. Prairie cities may be lacking in local scenery, but historic buildings make up for it!

ainsleyboyd@ainsleyboyd posted this photo of her neighbourhood in Toronto, ON and how it’s always changing so there’s always something new to discover. That’s definitely a plus to living in a big city! (PS Ainsley is a wonderful photographer so definitely check out her Instagram and Facebook page!)



And lastly, @sarahfaithe posted this picture of the adorable Lynn’s Cafe in New Ross, Ireland where she loves to relax with a coffee and book.

Thank you all for sharing something you love about where you live, and I encourage you to keep discovering your communities more!

In other news, we just started our first tour of the year a few days ago and it’s been wonderful so far! Check out the dates HERE, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see how it’s going and for more show updates (we’ll be announcing more shows in the next little while).

Until next time,



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