On Community and the Maritimes

Last week we spent some time on the east coast, playing shows in Charlottetown and Moncton, and having some extra time to do some exploring of beautiful places. And thinking. For me, those two things often go hand in hand, and I find that I make some of my most profound discoveries when I’m actively exploring the world and its ways.


My thoughts as of late have predominantly been on the subject of community: what does it take to achieve, and what are the effects of authentic community. Being on the road, we experience community in a multitude of forms. Of course, living in a van together pushes people to their boundaries of communal living, and there are many joys to be had and lessons to be learned from that. But we also experience community in all the different places we visit.

Since we’ve been touring for quite some time, we’ve built some amazing friendships with people all across the continent, and those relationships have truly been an anchor to us in our nomadic lifestyle. Not being around a consistent community all the time can be difficult, and I’ve realized that more so since we’ve planted ourselves in Brooks in our off time. I really appreciate living in a town where we are among friends and neighbours and can spend time building relationships with them.

That being said, it is really incredible to be in a different city almost every day, and have familiar places and people around you. It really does make so many places feel like “home.” I wrote a song about that very subject a number of years ago, before we started touring full time, and it’s funny that only now am I really seeing the truth in what I wrote.

I’m so thankful for all the people in Canada, America, and other places in the world, who have been willing to accept a band of vagabonds into their life even though we may only see them a few times a year. Your friendships mean more than you know!

Anyway, I have many more thoughts, but I’ll leave you with this for now: building community with others is all about letting people into our lives. It’s a scary thing, and it really breaks down our pride and selfishness when we are really honest with each other. I would encourage you to not be afraid to let others into your life. We all need people to share our stories with, and I think we can achieve great things when we come together on a deeper level.











Until next time,



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