Exploring the Heart of Chicago

On Monday, after a super fun show at Abbey Pub on Sunday night, we had the day off to explore the beautiful city of Chicago. Our hosts were Arturo, a dear new friend originally from Venezuela who has lived in America for about eighteen years, and his seven year old son, Brendan, who is fluent in both Spanish and Polish (his mom, Kate is from Poland).

Our day started rather late, as we all took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in, and Arturo and Brendan (who took the day off school just to hang out with us!) greeted us with empanadas from a local joint, and amazing coffee. We had a nice relaxing morning and then all eight of us piled into Arturo’s five seater Mitsubishi SUV and headed downtown!

Once we parked, we walked through the downtown streets to Millennium Park, home of the famous Chicago bean! It provided hours of entertainment for us tourists and resulted in a ton of fairly cliche photographs. Jess even worked up the courage to do a little breakdancing in front of the bean. It was all a lot of fun, and the bean itself gave a really neat perspective on the Chicago skyline.







Chicago is an old city, full of history, beautiful architecture, and much character. I would say that it’s definitely one of the most beautiful downtowns of America’s big cities. On our walk back, we were able to get lots of photos of the city’s characteristics, and the beautiful juxtaposition of new and old architecture.

After our walk and a quick break for smoothies, we piled back into the vehicle and did a little driving tour. Arturo took us along the historic Water Street, which runs along Chicago’s canals, underground, and then along the shores of Lake Michigan to the famed Navy Pier with its iconic ferris view and a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline. We took an inner city route back to the house instead of the interstate, and it was really nice to get a closer look at some of Chicago’s residential areas. There are a lot of very historical houses, and a surprising amount of trees!












All in all, it was a wonderful day getting to experience the heart of Chicago. I hope we’ll be able to come back soon!

Until next time,


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