The Coming of Autumn

Tour’s been off to a great start. We’ve only played a few shows (Calgary, Three Hills, Briercrest College, and Moose Jaw) and now we find ourselves with two days off in Steinbach, MB before we cross into the US. It’s been an easy week, but we’re all prepared for tour to take off when we start in Chicago on Sunday.

That being said, it’s been really nice to have a few days to rest and take time for ourselves and observe the coming of fall. On the prairies, fall is a fleeting season. The leaves start turning yellow, and then before you really have time to notice, the trees are bare and the snow is flying. Okay, maybe it’s not that extreme, but it is a really quick season compared to autumn on the east coast, and the colours are significantly less vibrant, but it’s a beautiful season all the same.

I took a little walk through Steinbach today to take some time and notice the changing of the seasons. It was overcast and unusually warm, and the sound of the wind and peace and quiet was just what I needed. I hope that wherever you are you can take some time to walk through a park and observe the simple beauty that is the coming of autumn.


It's a battle between green and yellow.


Steinbach Heritage Walkway


Some weathered and worn yarn bombing.

If you haven’t seen our tour dates that are coming up, check them out HERE! We’re hitting up most of the midwest and east coast of the states, and all of Canada, so if we’re playing near you, we’d love for you to come to a show!

Until next time,



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