On Leaving Home

This past summer on our time off Zoltan and I entered a new phase of our life: having a house! His mom moved from Ontario to Alberta in the spring, and we moved into a little two-room cabin in the backyard. It’s only 250 square feet, but it has electricity and we share the kitchen and bathroom with my mother-in-law in her house.


The last time we had a place of our own was when we worked at the Circle Square Ranch in Severn Bridge, ON in 2010, so it’s been a few years of hopping around from place to place and storing our belongings in various places across the country. It was nice to not feel tied down to any particular place, but as we went along, my desire for a home base and to be rooted in a community (and desire to decorate and make a home) got stronger and stronger. Finally having a home came at just the right time, and I am so thankful!


So this summer we spent time painting, organizing, clearing out, decorating, and taking some big and small steps to make The Cabin into a place of our very own. Because I had been hoping for something, anything, to call home, and having no idea how that would look or fit into our schedule, it feels so fulfilling. I couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect for us!


But then, on Friday, we left again for a two and a half month long tour, and I had some seriously mixed feelings about it, for the first time ever! In the past, when we’ve left for tour, it’s almost been a relief because I felt more at home in the van than in the random houses we’ve stayed in. But this time, I was a little bit sad to leave our little house behind. But at the same time, knowing that I have a bed, and my reading corner, and my Fender Rhodes to come home to is very comforting. I think it’s helped me be able to embrace each part of my life even more, because I love being on the road and seeing all our friends and playing shows, but I also love having a home and a community to come back to when the travelling is over. It’s amazing how something small can change our perspective on different areas of our life!


Here’s to new seasons in life, and renewed vigour!



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