Josh Says “Hi”

Hello blog friends! As I mentioned, every week, we’re going to feature one of the Fairly Odd Folk to give you a picture of tour from their perspective. Everyone in the band has different ways of looking at tour, and different things they do while on tour, so we thought it would be neat to let you in on all that. This week, Josh is giving you a glimpse into his life on tour. Enjoy!

Here appears to be a good time and space for a foot note or two, something short and sweet, to keep you all on your feet! Better stay sharp odd folk followers, my name is JOSHHHUAhh!

You’d think that being among people called odd folk, that odd things are just common place and that odd things just happen all the time, right? Welllll, what I mean to say is that we’ve been chanting for ice cream almost every single day now, and we’ve only seen one scoop thus far. Hammer almost licked it off of the sidewalk when we found some in Regina. But our hearts will not be diminished, we will stay strong. Non-floor ice cream will be obtained, and dealt with accordingly!

Often I find myself in a long drawn out battle, either with Hammer or Jay. Of course, when I say battle I mean a staring battle! Last night was certainly most intense. Please understand! When you lock yourself into a staring battle you literally have to be unflinching, and ready to suffer some dry eyed itchy times. Don’t smile or laugh! It will not help you in the least, and I most definitely cannot guarantee your safety! Just be careful of whom you lock your gaze with, it’s sure to make more than a few people uncomfortable. Most are not up to the challenge, and are often eye snobs anyway. So, don’t sweat it!

Stay tuned peoples, possibly more bloggage to come in the future.




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