Bass Cab Facelift

Hello blog friends! I think I alluded to this in a previous post, but we’ve got some exciting changes happening on the blog! Every week, we’re going to feature one of the Fairly Odd Folk to give you a picture of tour from their perspective. Everyone in the band has different ways of looking at tour, and different things they do while on tour, so we thought it would be neat to let you in on all that. So, for our first Fairly Odd Folk feature, we’ve got our bassist Jessica with a project she worked on recently!


Hey everyone! I’m really excited to share with you this project we worked on yesterday! Long story short, I bought a bass cab in Edmonton because it was an awesome price and it was already road cased for tour. The weird part was that we left Brooks with no cab, and I played through a DI without a cab for a few shows in Calgary. So we were crossing our fingers that the cab would fit nicely into the intense Tetris game of packing our trailer! Haha.

So here it is, Henry the 8×8. And it sounds really awesome! Although, the grill was banged up and it somewhat made me look like I was in a metal band. So we decided to give it a face-lift!


BEFORE                                                                                                                AFTER

I am super pleased with the outcome, and there was such a minimal alteration in sound that it was completely worth it!  (The picture doesn’t do it justice)
If you are curious how we did this, here’s a tutorial to give you an idea.
#1 Bought tan colored burlap fabric
#2 Unscrewed and removed the grill
#3 Cut fabric 1 ½ inches larger than grill
#4 Used hot glue gun to wrap fabric around the edges and attach
#5 Reattach the grill to the cab! VOILA

Here are a few more pictures just for fun, thanks for reading!


Jessica *the bass player*


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