Exciting Things!

Well, our time off has come to an end and we have finally hit the road! We had an amazing album release show  in Brooks, AB, and we’ve spent the past few days in Calgary where we play tomorrow (at the Ship & Anchor) and Friday (at The New Black Centre). Our album Over Land and Sea officially released today, and we also put the album up in its entirety on Noisetrade for a limited FREE DOWNLOAD! So far we’ve had over 1800 downloads in the first day, which is super exciting for us!

And we found out from a few people that we were played on CBC Radio 2’s The Drive today! To give you some context, this is one of our favorite Canada-wide radio programs. It’s always jam packed with good music and we’ve always dreamed of being played among all the other amazing artists. Today, we were!

All that to say, it’s been an exciting day, and we’re so thankful to everyone who has helped us get to this point. We wouldn’t be where we are without all you lovely folks listening to our songs and coming to our shows. So THANK YOU!

One more thing. We’re going to have some changes happening on the blog in the next few weeks. I’ve convinved my fellow bandmates to start writing posts for the blog, so every WEDNESDAY, you will hear from someone other than me! We’ll try and make this a regular thing. 🙂

See you on tour!




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