Inspire and Be Inspired

The past few weeks have flown by. We’ve thrown ourselves right into the thick of living in one place with work (odd jobs for people in town), teaching piano lessons, helping at our church, and setting aside time for writing and honing our musical skills. And today, as I was finishing writing with Jay, and prepping for two piano lessons, I found myself wishing for the simplicity of the open road. It’s funny how we strongly desire things, and then when we get what we want, we want what we had originally. I digress.

As I’ve been digging deep within myself to write words and music in the past little while, I’ve been drawing inspiration from as many places as I can. I’ve been trying to resurrect all the ideas I had while on tour and expand on them, and let the creative process naturally push me to new places with my music and lyrics. Writing now is a lot different from the last time I had a significant period of time set aside specifically for it, when I wrote Over Land and Sea in autumn of 2010. Then, I was full of anticipation: for the open road, for doing my first cross-Canada tour, and for recording my first professional album. And now, I’ve covered thousands of miles, met SO many people, seen the mountain peaks and valleys of touring life, lived and played music with many friends, and have been stretched and challenged in more ways than I could ever imagine, and have come out alive!

But now I’m faced with the challenge of harnessing all that has happened in the past few years into musical sense. The pressure to write good songs is definitely there, as there is much more riding on these simple melodies than there once was, and this can get me down sometimes. But I’ve been telling myself to ignore the pressure, and let the ideas come naturally and when they want to, and it’s been working out so far.

When I find myself lacking inspiration, there’s one album that I listen to to get me going again. If you haven’t heard Feist’s album Metals, you must. It’s been a favorite since it came out, and every time I listen to it, I get drawn deeper into the nuances and subtleties. I wanted to share one song in particular that I love in hopes that it will also inspire you. It’s a bit moody, but just turn the lights off, put some headphones, and let it soothe you.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts. I hope you feel inspired, and I look forward to sharing new songs with you someday!

Until next time,




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