Yesterday we played in the town of Lemoyne, PA, which is mostly absorbed into the city of Harrisburg, capital of Pensylvania. It marked the end of long drives for a while and the start of autumn temperatures that we’re used to.

We played at an all-ages venue called the Championship. It’s in an old abandoned warehouse under two bridges with lots of ivy and old stone that gave it lots of character. The show itself was different than most shows we play in that it wasn’t a bar, it was an all ages show, and we played with FIVE other bands, none of which had any musical similarity to each other. There were two acoustic openers, a rock-pop band, ska band, and another rock-blues band, and then us. We had a lot of fun rocking out with the people that stayed until the end of our set.

Here are some shots from the show!







Until next time,



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