Oh Barren Land

Driving from San Diego, CA to Phoenix, AZ brought us through a very barren part of the United States: the desert. I’ve already written about our jaunt through the desert in Oregon, and this was similar, but a little more authentic, mainly because as we got into Arizona there were so many cacti. The rocky land formations were really interesting, and all the towns we drove through seemed so desolate, and sometimes even vacated. Empty campsites and parking lots full of abandoned RVs were everywhere and houses were scattered carelessly through the exposed land. It was definitely an intriguing place.

We played at a place called the Rhythm Room, a fairly small (250 capacity) but legendary venue in Phoenix. One of their claims to fame is that Mumford and Sons played there only FIVE months before they appeared at the Grammy’s on stage with Bob Dylan. Wow.

We played with a band called The Senators, and they were great! They did a really great job of promoting the show and bringing out all their friends and family, which we really appreciated. The show was a lot of fun and we met some really cool people.

Here are some photos:

Until next time,

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