Heading South

After driving from Bend, OR to Redding, CA (6 hours), using free wifi at McDonalds and meeting a few students from Bethel, camping in Shasta National Forest, waking up to thick smoke hanging over the region, using more free wifi at McDonalds, going thrifting, meeting a lady in her 80s who, with her husband, sold all their belongings and travelled in a motorhome for twenty years, making a plan for the day, and driving south, we finally made it to Ventura County in southern California.

California is an amazing place. Beautiful landscapes, fresh citrus fruits, delicious foods, sunny weather; it pretty much has it all. I kind of fell in love. Unfortuately, the one day we decided to go to the beach, it was cold(er) and rainy, but we did it anyway and went body surfing and enjoyed the wind and waves.

Before that, though, we decided to check out Whitney Drums, a drum company based out of Carpenteria, CA that Jay has been looking into. JT, the owner of Whitney Drums showed us around his workshop and demoed some drums and a few random instruments he has also made, and as we were leaving, loaded us up with fresh fruits that were from right there on the property! Zoltan has always wanted to pick fresh oranges from a tree (his favorite fruit) so he was quite excited about this!

Zoltan and I would love to grow most of our food someday, so seeing orchards and farms in action is very inspiring for us! And of course delicious, when you’re able to reap the benefits! If you’re interested in growing your own food, or even just eating healthy, you should check out my friend Gina’s blog “hello there home” for some great ideas and recipes, and lots of DIY inspiration!

Until next time,


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