City of Angels

Los Angeles is an overwhelming city, from the consistently high volumes of traffic to the throngs of tourists in Hollywood, to the generally busy and competitive nature of society. Despite it being a city I don’t think I could stand living in, it was really fun to see some sights and take in the beat of the city.

We parked at The Mint, where we were playing that night, and hopped on a city bus to go to Hollywood. Luckily, Zoltan had done a similar thing on his own travels so he had a general idea of where we were going and where some cool spots were. We walked down Hollywood Blvd and the Sunset Strip, spent some time at Amoeba Records, and evaded the many tourist traps for $20 tours and pictures with Spiderman.

This one’s for you, dad! 🙂


When we took the bus to Hollywood, we noticed that we went through an area with a really neat looking vintage store, and quite a few Ethiopian restaurants. So when deciding what to do for dinner, of course we had to try Ethiopian! The only other Ethiopian restaurant I’ve been to is a great spot in Toronto called Queen of Sheba so that’s all I had to compare to, and this was definitely right up there! We shared a platter with Jay and Jessica and although it looked like it wouldn’t be enough, it definitely was and we had leftovers! If you’ve never tried Ethiopian food, I would highly recommend it! It’s very good and full of delicious spices, and it’s a totally different way of eating than typical North American meals, so it’s quite an experience.


Our show at The Mint was a lot of fun. It was a really good space, and the sound guy was very nice and did a good job. Funny enough, three people who came to the show were friends from Calgary, my friend Alessa is living in Hollywood while she studies a Masters degree at Azusa University, and her sister was in LA visiting when we were. My friend Jenny happened to be on a trip through California and was able to take time from surfing and beach hopping to come to the show! It was great to see all of them, as well as our friends Penny, Monica, and their mom Linda, who have been, for all intensive purposes, extended family to Zoltan for many years.


Next stop: Phoenix!

Until then,



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