The Lava River Cave

After camping in Deschutes National Forest and kicking around Bend, OR for a few hours, we decided that our next plan of action was to drive to Redding, CA. We didn’t make it too far out of town before we saw a sign for a lava river cave and decided we had to check it out!

It’s a mile long lava tube that had been formed by lava (obviously) and the trailhead began where the cave collapsed many years ago. Inside was absolutely amazing. The ceiling reached its highest point at 58 feet, and its lowest point at 4 feet, with many landforms and rock formations in between. And because it was underground, the cave was about 6 degrees the whole way through. We bundled up a bit, but it was still really cold!

Jessica brought her camera down with her and we had a lot of fun with low light, slow shutter exposures and took some really trippy photos! The photos below are all taken by Jessica. You can find her photography on her facebook.


Until next time,


2 thoughts on “The Lava River Cave

    1. Thanks…they turned out really well! Jessica just used a really slow shutter speed and because the cave was so dark we just clicked the flash once in one position, then changed positions and clicked the flash again and then finished the exposure. Zoltan would probably have a much more technical explanation but I think that’s how it worked! 🙂


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