Into The Desert

Driving from Seattle, WA to Bend, OR took us through some of the most barren land I’ve ever driven through, even in Canada. It was a large expanse of a desert that stretches from north of Kamloops, BC all the way to Mexico, and lies between the Coastal mountain ranges and the Rocky Mountains. About half way through our journey, we started to realize that the gas gauge kept dipping, and there was no sign of civilization or even a lone gas station anywhere. When we stopped in the town of Juntura, OR, the gas gauge was just above the red, but there was no gas in the town! The owners of The Oasis said they could sell us some gas at $35 for 5 gallons. That converts to $7/gallon, and a complete ripoff. But we didn’t really have a choice; we needed enough gas to get us to the next stop which was about 60 miles ahead. After that we were fine and we made it safely to the beautiful city of Bend, OR.


I hope you all had a great labour day weekend! What did you get up to?

Until next time,



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