First Stop: Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful city! It’s very similar to Vancouver in culture and aesthetics, which is probably why I loved it so much. We got to Seattle the day before our show, so we had a whole day to explore and find some cool spots in the city. And explore we did!

We stayed with Brett and Gretyl (Handsome and Gretyl) who we toured with last fall, and they suggested we check out Kerry Park for the best view of Seattle. So we went on a little jaunt through the Queen Anne neighbourhood to check it out and the panoramic view of the whole city was a great first acquaintance.

The next day, Brett dropped me, Dane and Ray off at Dusty Strings, a very unique folk music store in the Fremont neighbourhood. It was similar to Folklore, a store we frequent when we’re in Ottawa, and where I bought my ukelele, but there’s a lot more selection. They have a whole wall of ukeleles(including a 1920’s Gibson banjo ukelele that was going for $3500!), walls of guitars, and a beautiful selection of harps. After some perusing, I left Dane and Ray there and went to see what else Fremont offered. Turned out that everything was still closed (it was before 11) so I went to check out Gas Works Park, another place that Brett and Gretyl suggested.

From there I walked back to Fremont. I found the Aurora Bridge Troll on the way back, and spent some time rummaging in a great vintage store, and ate a savoury macaroni and cheese pie from Pie before heading back to the house.

After lunch, Brett dropped me off downtown so I could check out the famous Pike Place Market.

Our show in Seattle went great. Ray’s girlfriend surprised him by taking a bus from Nanaimo to hang out with him, and then Dane’s parents surprised him by coming to the show. Jay’s sister also came, and our friends Kraig and Lauren, and Jon and Aliza came, so it was a great send-off!

Next stop: the desert!

Until next time,



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