On my way

The day of leaving always takes forever, and Wednesday was no exception. You can be as prepared as you want, but actually getting everyone together, last minute laundry, fitting everyone’s stuff in the van, dropping off remaining items and getting out of town always takes longer than expected. But we did it. We fit it all in and we went on our way.

Getting on the open road is a very freeing feeling, and this being the start of tour brings the hope of new beginnings and the excitement of new places to be seen, friends to make, and good times to be had. On our first day on the road, we didn’t have to rush to a show so we took our time and eased into the routine of long drives. We stopped in Lethbridge, had a picnic dinner at the bottom of the coulee by the largest train trestle in Canada, then drove through the Crowsnest Pass to the US border where we crossed into Eastport, ID and then stopped at Round Lake State Park to camp for the night. Waking up surrounded by trees was probably the best way I could have imagined to start tour.

From there we drove through Idaho and Washington, through mountains and desert and the Columbia River valley to Seattle, where we’re playing our first show tomorrow!

For all the show details and tour dates we’re playing this fall, you can check out our website.

Until next time,



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