Wedding in the Wild West

This past Saturday we played a very cool wedding in Calgary for our friends Andrew and Erica. I’ve known Andrew for many years, but haven’t connected with him lately so it was great to get to share in his and Erica’s special day. The wedding was held in the evening at Heritage Park, a recreated historical town, in Calgary. It’s a really cool setting especially for a wedding and the hotel where the reception was held in reminded Zoltan and I of being at Circle Square Ranch.

The ceremony was held under the shade of a huge tree in front of a really old estate house. I played Let’s Go Into the Unknown while the bridal party walked down the isle and as they left. It was a short, simple ceremony and so beautiful!

After the ceremony, and about 3o min of stress trying to get an entire PA system and all our gear set up in the hotel, we had a lovely dinner and snapped a band photo outside dressed to the nines.

And later, we played and had a dance party and even got Aaron, who used to play drums with us and was a groomsman in the wedding, hop on drums for a song! It was a lot of fun.

What did you lovely folk get up to this weekend?

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Wedding in the Wild West

  1. you did such an awsome job at the wedding, loved your music thanks for being there and apart of it. Tammy Kramer (Andrews mom)


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