New York in Four Hours

On June 28 we played a show in NYC, and since we were just coming from Boonton, NJ we decided to make an early trek into the city to maximize our time and see as much as physically possible. After we went to Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ (as seen on Cake Boss) and going to the wrong tunnel and then paying $22 at the right tunnel, we arrived in downtown Manhattan with four hours to kill before our show. I had made a list beforehand of all the places I wanted to see, and I made it to all of the most important ones. The other spots on the list will have to wait until next time. 🙂 Last time I visited this wonderful city, it was the end of September, 2001, and the atmosphere of the city was much more somber and solemn. Coming back twelve years later, it was incredible to see how much more vibrant the city is and to be able to take it all in with older eyes and greater understanding.

1. Mickey Mouse
2. Times Square
3. The famous LOVE sculpture
4. Central Park, an oasis within a metropolis
5. Bridge in Central Park
6. Sprinkles Cupcakes
7. Wall of yarn at Purl Soho
8. Crafty inspiration at Purl Soho
9. Purl Soho
10. Subway

Until next time,



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