Saying goodbye, and saying hello.

Last week we finished the first few months of the Over Land and Sea release tour and said goodbye to the guys who have been with us since the beginning of January. It’s been a wild ride and so much fun to tour with Hammer, Mike, Aaron, (who played his last show with us in May) and Jeremy. We’re very grateful that they left their jobs and homes, friends and family, to live in a van and play music every day across North America. We had some GREAT times and made a lot of good memories and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Here we are: Jeremy, Mike, Hammer, myself, and Zoltan on our last hurrah travelling across the Prairies.

We’re heading out on tour again on August 31, and we’ve got some new friends who will be touring with us! We’re really excited about it and I hope that all of you will want to be friends with them and make them feel welcome! Jay and Jessica, who are also married and from Brooks, AB, will be playing drums and bass respectively, among other things. Jay used to play in the Brooks based band Jay and the Lovebirds and him and Zoltan toured together for a time. Jessica is a free spirit and so creative. She has toured the world doing breakdancing and is a professional photographer and avid crafter (we’re going to get along GREAT! šŸ™‚ ) Then we have Dane and Ray, two friends from Nanaimo, BC who have decided to leave their band Gold and Shadow to come on tour with us. Dane will be playing electric guitar, banjo and acoustic, and Ray will be playing acoustic, bass, and extra percussion. Together they have a musiscal project called Brave the Weather, so you’ll probably see some music of theirs pop up while we’re on tour!

We’re only two days into practice and we’re all getting pretty excited to hit the road to share these songs with you all!

Until next time…See ya!




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