The End of Canada, the Beginning of America.

Our Canadian release tour finished with some really nice shows in the Maritimes and looping back through Quebec and Ontario. We spent two nights at a cabin in Blackville, NB and got to go kayaking on the Miramichi River, and a few days after broke a band record by playing in three provinces within 24 hours. We played in PEI on June 2, then an afternoon show at a Farmer’s Market in Shediac on the 3rd, and an early show in New Glasgow the evening of the 3rd. It was a really busy day but so much fun.

We’re on the sign in Miramichi!

Looping back, we got to stay with our friend Pierre on Ile d’Orleans just outside Quebec City. It’s a We got to see the frogs in the pond and his retreat in the woods complete with a hammock! Then in Montreal, where we were just a week or so prior, it was Formula 1 weekend so there were crazy parties and SO many people, and we even had student protesters march down the street right in front of the venue we played at. Nothing happened, which was good, but I definitely felt like I was in some crazy movie!

Zoltan falling asleep in a hammock in Pierre’s backyard retreat.
The gang with our dear friend Pierre.

It was our drummer Aaron’s last show with us in Toronto on June 11 at Horseshoe Tavern, and it was a really fun show. We got to see some friends, and then we sent Aaron home with some for late night breakfast at Fran’s (an iconic Toronto diner).

Instead of having the week off, we ended up practicing with our new drummer Jeremy and playing at NXNE. It made the end of tour and the start of the American tour a blur because we spent a few days practicing, played two showcases for NXNE and after the last one, we drove all night to Slippery Rock, PA.

We spent the next few days in Slippery Rock, played at one of the coolest weddings I’ve ever been to, Hammer got to see his parents, and we got to see some of the people we met when we played in Butler, PA on the last tour. Those few days were really the break we needed before starting the US tour. We stayed at a  B&B and had a lot of time to rest and relax, which was so needed.

Then tour started in Pittsburgh, and it’s been a whirlwind since then. We’ve met so many cool people and played with a bunch of great bands and overall it’s been really fun (and so HOT!). I’m really loving being in the states, but I’m looking forward to having some time off next month in BC and being back in Canada for a while.




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