Part 2 – Campfires, Bikerides and Lake Superior

I love touring in the spring and summer because for some reason the sun seems to make everything better. Driving is easier, no snowstorms to battle. Loading in and setting up is easier because you don’t have to run as fast as you can from the trailer to the venue to try and stay warm, and the hanging out options are many. Campfires, bikerides, playing catch…these are all things that we have done this past week.

It was a blur of a week, going from Peace River in northern Alberta all the way to Thunder Bay, ON. Lots of late nights, early mornings and long drives, but that’s what makes tour an adventure! This tour in particular has been really fun. The shows have been great, we’ve been playing with some really great bands, and we’ve had lots of good times with friends and with the band.

Here are some memorable moments from the past week:

In Lloydminster, we played at a  new place called The Root. It’s a restaurant/venue/community space and the owners are SO supportive of the local arts. They display different created things through the place and I was particularly drawn to some leather purses, wallets and bracelets all made from reclaimed leather. Pretty much everything about the Root was great. The food was AMAZING (check out the orange ginger gelato I had and Zoltan’s pear walnut danish) and we had a super fun night of music. It was also good to see some good friends and get to hang out. I think that’s been one of my favourite stops so far!

Homemade orange ginger sorbet and pear pecan strudel!
A yarn-bombed bench just outside The Root in Lloydminster, SK. I would LOVE to know how to do this!

In Regina we got to play with a band called Royal Canoe who are from Winnipeg. It was a really sweet opportunity to share the stage with them and also hear their music. They have the craziest stage set up I’ve ever seen: FIVE keyboards, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, additional drums with a drum pad, and three vocals. They play a really cool blend of electro-pop-rock, really groovy music, and it was sweet to see how they pulled it off live.

We played at our second jazz club of tour in Winnipeg (we played at a place called the Bassment in Saskatoon a few days prior) at Juss Jazz. It’s a really cool place, and I would have to say the highlight of the night was their roti. If you’ve never had roti, I would highly recommend scoping out a Carribean restaurant and giving it a try. It consists of a pita-type flatbread with curried potatoes, chick peas and chicken. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it!

Juss Jazz back door.

We spent a few days Steinbach, one day off and then one show there before heading to Ontario and I know I’ve said that other places feel like a second home, but Steinbach has got to be at the top of the list. We had a great day off Sunday with our friends in Steinbach…went to church, relaxed, went for a bike ride, had a bonfire. Nothing better. Oh, and Zoltan cut all his hair off! That was an exciting moment.

Zoltan (pre-haircut) on a bike!
While we stopped to look at a motorhome that was for sale, our bikes cuddled up to each other…
Smores! My secret method: Roast the marshmellow so it’s nice and golden brown. Place on graham cracker. Put chocolate on the second graham cracker and hold it over the fire so the chocolate melts. Make a sandwich and attempt to eat without marshmellow and chocolate going everywhere!

The next few days were spent driving through the wilderness in northern Ontario which can be pretty dicey in the winter, but come spring it’s absolutely beautiful. My favourite part is driving along Lake Superior on the way to Sault Ste Marie. We drove past so many bays and the water looked SO inviting!

You can check out more pictures from tour on our FLICKR. And of course, follow on twitter (@laurenmann) and instagram (@fairlyoddlauren).

Here are some shows coming up this week:

Thursday – Sudbury, ON @ The Townehouse
Friday – Barrie, ON @ Vern’s (house show)
Sunday – Peterborough, ON @ The Parish
Monday  – Ottawa, ON @ Mercury Lounge

See you on the road!




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