Over Land and Sea Release Tour! Part 1

The first week of tour has come and gone, and it’s hard to believe! We left British Columbia today after a series of really fun shows and a great start to the Over Land and Sea Release Tour.

The set list for this tour has a lot of new songs, some songs from Stories From Home, and a few songs that aren’t really anywhere, but we’ve been playing them live for a few tours.

Love, I Lost
Let’s Make Our Escape
Weight of the World
Who’s To Know
The West Coast
All These Places
I Lost Myself

It came about after a few revisions; we had a setlist, tried it out, but we weren’t totally happy with the flow and how the songs went. So we came up with this, and it’s been so fun!

The day after our first show in Fernie, we had the day off and drove to my aunt’s house in Chilliwack, BC. It was a VERY long drive, but one of the most beautiful drives of tour on Hwy 3 through the mountains of southern BC. I kept a tally of some of the sights on the road, so here’s the drive by the numbers:

Over 30 waterfalls
1 tunnel (not a snowshed, a literal tunnel carved through the side of a mountain
5 deer
6 elk
3 BLACK BEARS! (Definitely the highlight of our wildlife spotting.)

The shows in this past first week were Fernie, Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George. Each one was a lot of fun, and the weather has been great, which makes everything about the show easier, and more pleasant! Coming up we have Peace River, Edmonton, Lloydminster, and then into Saskatchewan!




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