World Water Day

Today is WORLD WATER DAY…it’s all about conserving water and helping people who don’t have clean water get access to it. So, I wanted to bring attention to our charity: water campaign! Charity: water raises money and sends it out to the field to build wells for communities that don’t have access to clean water. Often, women and children have to walk many kilometers to get to a source of water, only to find it dirty and riddled with diseases. The worst part is that in so many places there is perfectly clean water right below them, but it takes people and resources to access that water.

So, in light of World Water Day, please make a donation to our charity: water campaign to help us reach $1500, 100% of which will go towards building a well for a community that needs it.

You can check out our campaign at

And you can find more about charity: water at

Let’s be thankful for the abundant resources we have in North America, and maybe go beyond ourselves a bit to provide others with those resources.



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