New Frontiers

New places bring such excitement, such freshness and desire for adventure. That was one reason, among others, why I was excited to get to the US. But I didn’t really spend a lot of time thinking of it because the whole border crossing issue was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of our US tour, and that was something I didn’t want to think about since it gave me severe anxiety. But these things that give us fear need to be dealt with, and when we got to the border at Calais, ME at midnight on March 3rd, I wasn’t as nervous as I imagined. And then twenty minutes later, when we were legally in America, had visas on our passports, and had absolutely no issues in the border office at all, I couldn’t help but laugh. Considering we had a big tour, five people, and a lot of paperwork to go along with that, it was the simplest border crossing ever! I definitely shouldn’t have worried so much over it. Lesson learned.

The next evening we played our first US show in Arlington, MA, just outside of Boston. Our very good friends Larry and Sherry helped organize the show at their church, and we had a grand time! It was probably the best way we could have imagined to start tour: the sun was shining, we got to hang out with good friends, and the show was a big success. We spent the next few days with the Andrews, hanging out, seeing Boston and eating at Chipotle (one of our favorite American fast food chains).  It was great!

Next we drove to Lewisburg, PA and stayed with Zoltan’s dad’s cousin (second cousin?), Francoise. She and her husband took us out for dinner and we got to visit with Zoltan’s great uncle (dad’s dad’s uncle) and his wife. He’s Hungarian, and has spent time in many places in the world, knows four languages, and has an abundance of stories. He wrote a memoir of his and his family’s life, which I’m hoping to get my hands on one of these days! He was an avid mountain climber when he was younger, and climbed a mountain that Zoltan and I have climbed: Yamnuska, in Kananaskis Country! What a cool connection to family history! I love learning about family history. I think that knowing where we come from and the stories of where we come from is important in shaping our mindset of where we are in the present and where we’re going. There’s a fun little intellectual thought for you.

The next morning, Francoise took the two of us to a farmer’s market where there was an abundance of Amish-grown produce and handmade wares, and she bought us some yummy treats, and then we headed out to Sterling, VA for our next show.

On the way to our show there, we stopped at McDonald’s to use the restroom, and after we got back on the highway, this car pulled up beside us and held up an index card that said:


Zoltan nodded his head, so the guy flipped the card over.


Zoltan tried to yell the name to him, but ended up holding one of our postcards to the window. As the guy drove away we saw him writing our name down. It was a pretty funny experience!

But it got better! We got to Riverside Church  where the show was at and after we had set up and sound checked, we were doing the routine facebook checks, and we noticed that some guy named Zachary had posted on our wall saying that he had met us on Hwy 15 and liked our music, so he was going to try and come to the show tonight!

He did end up coming, which is the best part of the story, so we got to get to know him a bit and exchange contact info so next time we come through we can hang out! It was a great connection that will hopefully lead to a really cool friendship! That’s what tour is all about.

Next is our adventure at the Jewish Mother in Norfolk, VA. 🙂




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