Finish With A Bang!

As we go across the country, it’s interesting to observe the different dynamics in each region. Usually how it goes is Western Canadian shows are really solid, then there’s a bit of a slump in Central Canada, including Ontario, but when we get to Quebec, it’s like the tour gets revitalized. We only played two shows in Quebec on this tour: Montreal and Quebec City, and each one was a really memorable night.

We played Quebec City first, which may seem strange but we had to re-route a bit so the guys could go see one of their favourite metal bands. We played at Fou Bar, a tiny little bar very close to Old Quebec City.

As soon as we got there, a man greeted us and started helping us load in. We found out that his name is Pierre, and he had heard about the show from a Quebec events listing website about a week before that, and since then he had been listening to us, learning about us, and anticipating the show! He even knew the names of the guys, even though they’ve only been with us since January. It was slightly bizarre, but so awesome that someone we hadn’t had any connection with previously really liked our music! Later that night he told me that he had gone through a really rough week and our music helped him get through that. I was really thankful that we could be an influence in his life. During the show, he was singing along to almost all the songs and was more excited than most people that have come to our shows. It was a really cool moment!

We played two sets since we were the only band, and after we were all done we saw that there was about four inches of snow covering everything outside! It was very beautiful, seeing the European-looking Quebec streets covered in snow, but it also made for a very interesting load-out. And the after-show poutine from Chez Ashton was delicious. A Quebec tradition for us.

It was a snowy night in Quebec City!


The next night we played in Montreal at Burritoville, which is actually the only place we’ve ever played in Montreal. Funny how that goes. It was the cd release show for Considering Anyone Present, a band we had played with once before. They are awesome guys and write really beautiful music, so it was an honour to share the stage with them. After eating some of the best burritos in Canada, we played in the upstairs room at Burritoville for a packed room of people.

Pierre, who we met the night before actually drove from Quebec City to Montreal to see us (and I think he was visiting some family, too) and brought his friend Alex. We got to talk to them a bit more and found out that they used to play music together when they were young. Pierre also told me that hearing our show in Quebec inspired him to pick up his guitar again and he played along to Who’s To Know before coming to our Montreal show.

So after two awesome shows, we had two days off, one to hang around Montreal and the boys to go see August Burns Red, and the next day to drive to Fredericton to start the last few Canadian shows in the Maritimes.


In some ways the Maritimes remind me of the west coast, but in other ways they are completely opposite. I love the coastal feel, breathing the ocean air, and just being near the water.

We played four shows in the Maritimes: Charlottetown PEI, Moncton NB, St. Stephen NB, and Saint John NB. We were going to play in Truro, NS, but the venue cancelled the show due to lack of interest, which was a bummer.

But the shows were really good, and it was a nice way to finish the Canadian leg of tour.

Until next time,


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