Lakes, Rocks, Trees, and a Tour-cation

Now that we’ve been on the road for one day shy of three weeks, we’re getting into a routine, getting into the groove, and it feels good! We’re all still friends and still enjoy what we’re doing so that’s a good sign!

After our day off driving to Steinbach, we had shows in Steinbach, Winnipeg, Kenora, Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie and tonight in Sudbury, with two days off thrown in there!

In Steinbach we played with our good friend Richard Inman, and a band called Hot Club. It was a night of ol’ time folk music. We also got to stay with our very good friends Kyle, Candice, their kids, and Kyle’s sister Celynne. They are awesome people who work at the YFC in Steinbach and we always have fun hanging out, drinking chai and talking about God and indie bands.

In Winnipeg,  we had dinner with some friends and then played that night at Juss Jazz, a really neat little jazz club on Portage. Even though we definitely don’t play jazz music, it was a great fit and a really good night, even though Aaron had to run off stage halfway through the set because he wasn’t feeling so great. Don’t worry, we took good care of him and he got better real quickly.

After Winnipeg we headed into Northern Ontario and played in the BEAUTIFUL town of Kenora. We did an afternoon acoustic show at HoJoe’s Coffee and Books and that night played at Cornerstone Restaurant, both really cool spots to hit if you ever venture up that way. We even got to stay in a hotel, which is not normal for us and was a welcome treat!

Next was a decent drive to Thunder Bay where we played at the Apollo with our good friend Nathan Woods and the Bay City Sound Collective.

Bay City Sound Collective


It was a super fun show, and then we got to spend the next two days hanging out in Thunder Bay! We were supposed to shoot a music video on Sunday, but lack of planning and getting bed at 3am made us reconsider, so we’re going to reschedule for May. But it was definitely nice to have some down time and get caught up on a few things. Zoltan and I even took the entire day on Monday to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It was great! Here are a few photos from our Valentine’s Day adventure.

First stop was Thunder Oak Cheese, a farm just outside of Thunder Bay where they make Gouda cheese from the milk of cows on their farm. We learnt about the process of making gouda cheese and got ourselves some smoked gouda and delicious fresh cheese curds. In this picture (below) the cheese is setting in molds.

Making Gouda Cheese

As we were leaving we tried getting out of the parking lot, which was sloped and also a giant sheet of ice. Long story short, we were stuck as can be and had to get one of the farmers to pull us out with their tractor!

Thankfully we were on a farm with big tractors!

I think the farmer thought we were just silly city-slickers, and we may be, but we’re country folk at heart. 🙂


Next we spent a few hours hitting up some thrift store (and finding two pairs of awesome shoes and a pretty black dress!) and then we headed to the marina to go skating! We decided that even though we can’t bring to many things on tour, we brought our skates so we can get some winter exercise when we have time! The marina is right on Lake Superior, and the sun was just setting, so it was beautiful.

Be my valentine?
Hey there!

And to top it all off, we had an Indian food buffet at Masala Grill, and homemade brownies for dessert! What a great Valentine’s Day.

Then yesterday, actually Valentine’s Day, we made the long trek to Sault Ste Marie where we played at the campus bar at Algoma University. It was a fairly quiet night, but we had a Crank Productions do sound for us…basically the coolest sound guys ever. George did sound for us last time we were in Sault Ste Marie at Tailfeathers Festival, and so it was great to see him again.

And that brings us to today! We’re in Sudbury tonight at Underground Cafe. As we were pulling up to the venue, we noticed an outdoor rink right beside us, so we might be going to check it out after we load in…


Much love to you all!




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