This week was the start of a series of very long drives, and many memorable evenings.

On February 1st we played in Kamloops at a pub called the Pogue Mahone. It was wing night, so the majority of people were there to drink and eat wings. It was a pretty good show…Zoltan got offered $100 for his tambourine by a guy who was quite inebriated, but when Zoltan said yes, the guys immediately revoked his offer.

We met a guy named Ayren there, who was actually there to see us, and really enjoyed the show! He’s a musician from the Kamloops area so hopefully next time we go there we’ll be able to play with him.

The next day we played in Prince George at the Artspace. It’s in a building that has a coffee shop and bookstore on the first floor, and a consignment store and yarn shop on the second floor, where the venue is. I was in heaven! We had a great time there and got to play with our good friend Jamie Bell and another guy named Deryk. Tim and Jemma, of Reeves, who we toured with in the summer, were also there and a few other good friends. It was a really nice evening!

The next day was a LONG drive. Prince George to Edmonton. However, it’s also one of the most beautiful drives ever, until you get to Hinton, and from there to Edmonton is pretty uneventful. We started the drive really early so we got to watch the sun rise, although I think most of us were sleeping.

The Fairly Odd Rig - somewhere on Hwy 16 in BC.


In Edmonton we played at the Brixx Bar and Grill below the Starlite Room with Most Blessed Man and A La Mer. Michael (Most Blessed Man) is an amazingly talented guitar player, and it was a pleasure to hear him play. A La Mer is an indie rock band from Edmonton that we’ve played with once before, and they are also very talented! It was a night of great music and seeing lots of good friends. I even found our poster at a bus stop!

From Here To There Edmonton
A La Mer @ Brixx Bar and Grill


On Saturday we drove to Saskatoon, which was another fairly long drive. I guess you can just assume that anytime we drive it’ll be long. We played at Lydia’s Pub and my good friend Carissa sang with us! She used to sing and play bass, but has since moved to Saskatoon. It was really nice to have some pretty harmonies and an other girl on the stage!

The crowd at Lydia’s was boisterous, to say the least. After we had played TWO 45-minute sets, and two more songs upon request, they still wanted more. One girl offered us $100 to play three more songs. After determining that even though she had been drinking, she was really serious about this, we played three more acoustic songs and got $130 (some of her friends pitched in as well). It was pretty hilarious, and one of those stories we’ll probably talk about for years. We stayed in the Lydia’s Pub band hotel that night, and then had a really great breakfast with Carissa and her boyfriend in the morning before heading off to Caronport.

Caronport, SK isn’t a place most people frequent on cross-Canadian tours, but we have quite a few friends that go to Briercrest College there, so we made it part of our touring schedule. We did a concert that night, and then played a few worship songs for chapel the next morning. We got to see my cousin Aaron, and our good friend Jenn, which was a treat, as always!

Family of Strings


And that brings us to last night, when we played in Regina. We played at the Creative City Centre, run by Marion Donnelly, who is a huge supporter of the arts in Regina. She bought two floors of a building that had been vacant for 60 years, and renovated them, turning them into spaces that could be used by different arts groups. Nick Faye also played some great folk tunes and serenaded us with his stories of how he hates whole wheat macaroni and cheese. 🙂

And today, we have a DAY OFF! And a well deserved day off, I must say. Even though we’re spending it driving to Steinbach, MB, it’s definitely nice to think that at the end of the drive we won’t have to unload and set up all our gear.

So there you go, some stories from this past week. 🙂


And a few reminders…

Over Land And Sea is out MAY 8, 2012, and you can download three songs from it for FREE from www.noisetrade.com/laurenmannmusic


Our charity: water campaign is in full swing, and we want to raise $1500 by April 15, 2012. Please help us build some wells around the world! www.mycharitywater.org/laurenmannmusic


Much love to all of you!




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