Water Changes Everything

There’s a lot happening in the world these days like poverty, hunger, disease, war, and other social and economic issues. We want to do our part to help overcome those things, but it’s often hard to know where to invest, and how to make any sort of difference.

We found this organization called charity: water, who raises money and sends 100% of that money to the field to build wells in communities that don’t have access to clean water. They partner with on-the-ground organizations and local communities to build wells that best suit the environment so everyone can have the clean water that’s often right there, just not accessible.

After reading a lot about charity: water and looking at how they do things, we decided we wanted to get in on this. So this year, we’ve decided to take 10% of all the money we make from merchandise and give it to charity: water to help build some wells around the world.

That’s our goal, but we want YOU to be involved as well. We started a campaign at www.mycharitywater.org/laurenmannmusic and if you’d like, you can donate to our campaign as well. Over the course of the year, I’d love to raise at least $5000, which is approximately how much one well costs, but for our first campaign (they last three months) our goal is $1500.

Please visit our campaign page and give generously. A community somewhere in the world will have their lives changed by clean water!


Let’s change the world.




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