From Here to There Tour Report

We’re only a month into 2012, and so much has happened already! We have a full band (Aaron Fraser drumming, Hammer Clark playing bass, and Mike Pardy on guitar), we spent the better part of January rehearsing and hanging out near Acme, AB, and we finally started our fourth Canadian tour, the From Here to There Tour! Needless to say, it’s been busy!

The Fairly Odd Folk: Aaron, Hammer & Mike. They are awesome dudes, and they also enjoy sleeping.

We started tour on January 26 in Lethbridge, AB and have since hit Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, Duncan, and Victoria respectively. Since we’ve narrowed down our shows from past tours, the drives have become longer, so it’s been a lot of late nights and early mornings. But I’ve been able to maintain somewhat of a routine, which is really nice when the schedule changes every day!

Lethbridge was a decent show…we played at The Slice, and my cousin Braden came to see us, so that was really cool!

Calgary was at the Palomino with Boreal Sons and Sandy Cassels. It was a really fun night! Lots of friends came, some that I hadn’t seen in a long while, so it was really nice to hang out and listen to awesome music. After the show we introduced Mike and Hammer to Tubby Dog and I think it just may have changed their lives.

Next was Kelowna, at the Streaming Cafe. They stream all their shows live, so that was a different added dynamic for us. It was really neat though, and the cafe itself was packed out! After the show we did a few acoustic songs for our friends Lauren and Steph who couldn’t get in because it was over-capacity!

Vancouver we played at the Railway Club with Folk Thief and Colourful Language, a side project of Zoe and Dave from The Geese. They’re awesome people and really talented musicians, and it was cool to hear the other side of their musical endeavours. By the end of the night, our set became one big dance party, which was definitely a bonus! Zoe’s brother even slid down the dance floor on his knees to request an encore…a moment I think none of us will forget! 🙂

The door to the green room @ Railway Club in was tiny!

Next we played in Duncan at the legendary Duncan Garage Showroom with its eclectic proprietor, Longevity John, proud owner of the only sterling silver nose-flute. He’s definitely a character! We had a great time sharing the stage with The Royal Canadians, a band of high school students who are WAY talented. Before the show, we had a few hours to hang out, so Zoltan and I took the opportunity to go longboarding and thrifting!

Zoltan is a hockey champion!
While walking around Duncan we notice all the totem poles...part of the Totem Tour!
The family we stayed with in Duncan breeds Alpacas! They were friendly little oddities.

And then to conclude our shows so far, was Victoria at Felicita’s, the campus pub at UVic. We played with Liz and Simon, who played beautiful acoustic/piano blended songs. And  before that we did a little acoustic gig at Student Dinner…a church hosts a free dinner for 400 students every Tuesday. Not only was everyone really nice, but the food was great! (Side note: if you are a student in Victoria, you should DEFINITELY check out Student Dinner!)

Liz & Simon playing @ Felicita's. They are very talented and very lovely people!

Tonight we head to Kamloops to play at the Pogue Mahone, and then to Prince George, Edmonton, Saskatoon and beyond!

Well, until next time, I hope everyone is having a great wintertime! See you on the road!

– Lauren.



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