Meet the Fairly Odd Folk!

On Jan. 5, the final member of LMATFOF flew to Calgary and we started rehearsing for our upcoming tour. We’re staying on a cow farm near Acme, AB, and it’s been a blast hanging out with the band and getting the songs ready. Over the past week I’ve been introducing the guys of LMATFOF to you via Instagram and Twitter, but if you missed it, I thought I’d give you a little introduction here.

First we have Mike Pardy who hails from London/Barrie, ON. He plays guitar and keys and keeps things interesting as our official hype man! You can follow him on Twitter @beholdmike and Instagram @mpardym.

Next is Aaron Fraser, who has played drums with me for a few years. He’s the oldest and wisest of all of us and plays mean drums (sometimes with funny facial expressions)! You can follow him on twitter @ajfreshfolk.

Then we have Hammer Clark, our resident bass player and Newfie. He’s the chick magnet of the group; I’m pretty sure girls across the nation will be falling for his suave looks and smooth bass playing. You can follow him on twitter @hammerinhishand.

And finally, we have Zoltan Szoges. Multi-instrumentalist, tambourine enthusiast, band manager, and my husband! You’ll be amazed at how many instruments he plays and how he plays them all together. It sure amazes me! Follow him on twitter @zoltanfoxx.

I give you...the FAIRLY ODD FOLK! (clockwise from top left) Mike Pardy, Aaron Fraser, Zoltan Szoges, Hammer Clark.

For more info about the “From Here to There” tour that starts Jan. 26, go HERE and see when we’re playing near you! See you on the road!

Twitter @laurenmann
Instagram @fairlyoddlauren


3 thoughts on “Meet the Fairly Odd Folk!

    1. Well a while ago he got facebook again, and then just this last week he got twitter AND instagram! He’s all in. I mean he has an iPad and an iPhone, so it makes sense. OH! And I have really enjoyed your last two blog posts about your birth “wishlist”. Very informative and inspiring. 🙂


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