“Home” Again

After travelling to Jablunkov, we spent the last week and a half in Pribor, and then Novy Jicin, followed by two days of being tourists in Prague, and then a long journey home. In Pribor, we got to work with Ivan and Katka, two very hospitable and real people, in some schools, and even do a concert in a puppet theatre! Ivan was so funny; he doesn’t speak much English but he would still try and understand what we were saying and get us to understand him with sounds and hand gestures and really funny facial expressions. We had a lot of fun.

Ivan and Katka in Pribor, CZ


At our next stop, Novy Jicin, we weren’t staying as long as in the other cities because we decided to take two days before we flew home to visit Prague. We stayed with the amazing Bily family, who are all (except for their daughter) professional musicians! Oboe, drums, guitar filled the air pretty much constantly while we were there. Our first night there, the rest of the band came over to practice Christmas songs. It was so inspiring! We got to jam after as well, and got to see them play a concert. It was a great place to end our ministry with NLI.

Playing a concert @ The Artifakt, Novy Jicin, CZ


After we left Novy Jicin, we headed to the capital of Czech Republic, the beautiful and historic city of Prague with David and Janka, the first church planters we stayed with. They had some holiday time left in the year, and we wanted to have a few days to relax and regroup before the journey home. Prague at Christmastime is SPECTACULAR. It’s a beautiful city at any time, but I found it particularly enchanting at Christmas. We walked through the shopping district in Wenceslas Square (yes, named after the “good King Wenceslas), walked through the Old Town Square, Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, and hundreds of little cobblestone sidestreets lined with quaint shops and old buildings. It’s definitely nothing like the small towns we stayed in for the month, so I was really glad we mostly got to experience the “real” Czech Republic. But the history and significance of Prague is definitely something to experience.

Mustek Station, Prague


St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle


John Lennon Wall


We had two days in Prague and then we left David and Janka and took the train to Hamburg. We met our friend Lina there and stayed with her for the night and then continued on and got a flight from Hamburg the next day to Amsterdam, then Minneapolis, then Calgary. It was a long journey home but it was so nice to be back in Canada. After all that teaching about Canada in the schools, I was so appreciative of my country and glad to be back in it.


Final Thoughts.

I’ve always loved to travel, and so far this was one of the most incredible trips I’ve been on. Not because of the cool buildings and history and stuff like that (although that definitely has something to do with it) but because of all the incredible people we got to meet and get to know. All the church planters, and all the people they work with, were such a blessing to us and they’re the ones that made the trip so memorable. I think travelling is something everyone should take the time and money to do, even just a little bit, but don’t restrict yourselves to the typical touristy things. Meet people, get connected, and learn what the country is really about. It’s really incredible hearing and relating to stories from people of completely different countries and cultures, and still finding common ground with them.

Anyway, one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to blog regularly, so expect some updates coming up soon! We’re living at a farm right now in Acme, AB rehearsing for tour, which starts on Jan. 26!

See you soon lovely blog friends!



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