Hlučín, and Lobos the Hippie

Last Sunday, we met the next church planter we would be working with: Lobos, and his wife Eva. After going to church in Ostrava, we went with them to the town of Hlucin, about 20 min away to have lunch and get to know each other. Lobos, Eva and their daughter Marie are such wonderful people and we had so much fun working with them and getting to know them for a few days.

After lunch (and I should mention that Eva’s cooking was INCREDIBLE. Nothing compares to hearty home-cooked meals) we went to the church that they planted a few years ago. For their services and church events they rent a really old church that is now a gallery and community space. I led some worship and Zoltan shared a word and we got to know the people quite well.

The next morning we started bright and early and taught at one of the schools in Hlucin, talking about Canada and what it’s like to live there, and what we do and play some songs. I love going into the schools and hanging out with students. It’s always a really fun experience. We did that on Tuesday and Wednesday as well, and on Wednesday we were at a high school and we got to do a little concert after school as well. As well as going to schools, we helped with “Youth Club” on Monday night with youth (and a bunch of young kids, too), playing games and sports and talking about God, and we held a concert at the church, which was really fun!

Every night we had dinner at Lobos and Eva’s house and had great chats with them about life, food, the church, and even Communism! Czech Republic was a communist country up until 1989, which isn’t very long ago, so it’s still fresh in the minds of the older generations.

Lobos told us about his old life as a rebel in the Czech underground. He was a musician and played the saxophone in bands, but because playing music was banned without a permit from the government, he had to evade the police by practicing in the forest and holding secret concerts in people’s basements. In communist times, sports were highly encouraged but all things arts were not allowed, even illegal. Lobos and his friends helped spread music and literature through the underground and he showed us a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 that one of his friends had typed up on a typewriter, bound, and then distributed throughout the country. It’s crazy! Life like our generation could never imagine, and yet this is how people lived just over 20 years ago.

Needless to say, we learned a lot about Czech Republic while with Lobos. I love learning about the history of different places, because it really helps to define how things are in the present.

Here are a few pictures from our time in Hlucin.

Zoltan and I in our new fairlytale home. (Lobos took us to this little piece of paradise where a few people have summer cabins near the lake.)


A tank right beside a trench from WWII. This is where soldiers stood in the snow, rain and mud and defended the border. It's pretty incredible to see this first-hand and it made it really real for me.


With some students from the high school. We hung out with them that evening and listened to their band practice for an upcoming show. I taught them one of my songs and we all jammed on it together!


Zoltan, myself, Eva, and Lobos. Our wonderful hosts. We hope to see you again soon!


That is all! See you again soon!


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