First stop, Opava

So we’re in Czech Republic for one month, until Dec. 15 and during that time we’ll be travelling to six different towns in eastern Czech to work with church plants in each of those towns for about five days each. An organization called Next Level International (NLI) organized the trip for us and got us connected with each of the church plants.

Our first stop was the city of Opava, very close to the Polish border. It’s a city of about 60 000 people, lots of history, and not very many churches. We stayed and worked with a young couple, who are about our age and have been married for around the same time as us, Daniel and Janka. They’re such awesome people and are so passionate about what they’re doing. We were there for five days and during that time we went to a school and taught four different classes about Canada and what we do, taught an English class for the community, had a kids afternoon where we played sports and games with kids from the community, played a show, had a bible study with a youth group, and met a bunch of the church leaders and talked about church and Czech culture and how to show God’s love to people. It was awesome! We loved getting to know David and Janka and hanging out with them and we might even get to spend an afternoon in Prague with them at the end of our trip…

We also got to do a few fun things to including going to a World War 2 museum and a beautiful castle. It’s crazy that all the stories of WWII that I read about in school growing up happened right here! Anyway, here are some pictures from our time in Opava.

The castle we visited. Beethoven spent some time here in the 1800s!


The mister. This is at a castle with a beautiful park surrounding it so we went for a nice walk.


Zoltan playing "musical napkins" with a bunch of kids. I got out on the second round.


Well, that’s all for now! I hope you’re all doing well and loving life in North America. I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit a bit already with some Christmas music and it reminds me of being home. Love to you all!




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