A Lesson In German

So a few days ago, between our YFC tour in Denmark and our time in Czech Republic, we had a few days in Germany and got to hang out with some friends that Zoltan met a few years ago at Circle Square Ranch in BC: Tim, Caro and Clara. I had heard so many stories about Zoltan’s “German friends” from when they all worked together during summer 2009, and he always talked about someday going to visit them in Germany, so it was neat that it all worked out!

So anyway, we met up with Tim and his sister in Cologne and went to the Switchfoot show together (which was INCREDIBLE…more on that later) and then went back to the town where tim is from. The next day, after a very healthy sleep-in, we ventured out into the quaint German countryside. It was a beautiful day, perfect for walking around and taking pictures and along the way Tim told us lots about German culture and history.

Our first stop was the Munzenberg Castle. It sits atop a large hill and the town surrounds it so that, back in history, they would be able to see if the enemy was coming to attack. This would give them time to gather all the villagers and food inside the castle.

Munzenberg Castle
Zoltan went exploring and found a stairway...to nowhere.

Ruins are a great place to go exploring. There are innumerable things to climb over, crawl into and get lost in. Unfortunately this stairway didn’t lead anywhere exciting, but it did look pretty sweet!

Our next stop was a monastery, or kloster in German. In recent years it’s been turned into a restaurant and hotel making it a sought after wedding venue, which makes sense. It’s beautifully located and has an old-world charm to it.

The sign pointing to the monastery, and a cute cat sitting on top of the wall.

After walking around the monastery and looking at some memorials from WW2, we headed to the town of Liche, most known for its tudor houses and the beer that is made locally, called Licher. The brewery uses water from protected land that borders the brewery and is among the top 20 beers in the German beer market! There’s a little fun fact for you. 🙂

The Licher brewery in the town of Liche.

Germany has beer gardens too, but they’re not like the ones we’re used to in North America. In Germany they are an actual garden at the front or back of a restaurant or pub where people will come and socialize and drink in the warmer months. Much classier.

Tudor houses in the town of Liche.

Liche is a very historic place, with lots of really narrow cobblestone streets and tudor houses. Tim told us an interesting fact about tudor homes. Have you noticed how often they look crooked or something, like they’re from a storybook? It’s because when they were built, people would buy the smallest plot of land possible and then make each level bigger than the one below it. So they are in fact getting bigger as they get higher! I found that pretty hilarious.

After our tour of Liche, we headed to dinner with Tim, his girlfriend Caro, Vicky and Clara. Tim, Caro and Clara all worked at the ranch with Zoltan, so he hadn’t seen them since summer 2009. It was lots of fun to hang out and have a really nice dinner with them.

Dinner with Clara, Tim, Vicky, Caro

After dinner we went to a cafe in Geissen (it was a true night on the town!) and had coffee and desserts at Dach Cafe. The cafe is on the top floor of a building and from it you can see the entire city of Geissen. It was really classy and had some DELICIOUS desserts.

After-dinner desserts at Dach Cafe. The view from the roof looked over the entire town of Giessen.

And that brought us to the end of our evening. The next day we caught (barely) an early train from Giessen to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Nuremberg, a bus from Nuremberg to Prague, and another train from Prague to Ostrava! But more on all of that later.

Love to all our friends and family! I hope you’re all enjoying reading about our travels!



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