Torrig to Cologne

Time flies. Especially when you look forward to something for so long, then before you know it, it’s over and done with and you’re onto something new. We arrived in Europe for our first time on Oct. 24, and we’ve already finished the first of many adventures. We played the last show of our tour with YFC yesterday night (feels like days ago!) in Torrig, Denmark at Pederstrup Efterskole, a boarding school out in the country. We got to do a workshop with the students in the afternoon, even though it was a Saturday, and then played after dinner for them and students from a neighbouring boarding school. It was a really great time! Unfortunately we had to rush off right after the show otherwise I’m sure we would have been hanging out all night.

From Torrig we drove to Rødby where we caught a ferry to Puttgarden, Germany and continued to Hamburg from there. We had anticipated a really late night drive, but we ended up getting to Hamburg at 12:30am. Our train was leaving at 5:41am and Jon and Aaron’s flight home was leaving at 8:45, so we thought about getting a hotel room so we could all get some sleep before our respective travels, but Ebbe and Mathilde wanted to get a head start back to Arhus, so we went our separate ways.

Zoltan and I got a little room at this hotel near the train station and it was comfortable enough, but didn’t have a bathroom! There was a shared bathroom down the hall that everyone used. But we only had to be there for a few hours to get some sleep before our train, so it didn’t really matter anyway.

The train ride from Hamburg to Cologne was about 4 hours through German cities and countrysides. It was a beautiful ride, but we slept away most of it! It’s hard to believe that all this happened in the same 24 hours, and it was just this morning! We spent the morning and some of the afternoon walking around (with all our luggage….my back is really sore!) and found a 5 euro breakfast buffet at a hostel and some really tasty tiramisu next door. (And in the meantime Zoltan got us guest list tickets for the Switchfoot show tonight…no big deal!) We started to head back downtown to meet some of Zoltan’s friends from camp and met these two guys, Louis and Andreas who helped us get train tickets and carry all our stuff. We love travelling and seeing different places, but it’s the best when we get to meet people and hear their stories and make really random connections! That’s what it’s all about.

So that brings us to now, sitting in Starbucks, taking advantage of their free wifi and giving our feet a rest before we check out the most incredible cathedral I’ve ever seen. I think I have more pictures of churches on my camera than anything else, but these old European churches are absolutely incredible!

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying reading about our adventures. Love to all our friends and family in Canada!




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