The team.

Jon and Aaron playing Settlers of Catan at the Amsterdam Airport.


Jon in fighting mode. There's a story behind this one! We played a show at Cafe Retro in Copenhagen, and our accommodations for the evening were the shared basement room of an apartment building. I guess it's common in Denmark for apartments to have a room that everyone can share for parties, guests etc. This particular room was in the basement, all concrete and unfurnished, except for one bed and a few tables and chairs. So we got out the foamies, and used some chair cushions and set up camp! In the one room, there was this old military helmet, which seemed oddly fitting, since this basement room seemed like the perfect environment to plan historic battles. Besides the fact that it was a little weird, we were all very grateful for a roof over our heads and I think we all had a really nice sleep.


Reconnaissance mode.


Yours truly on top of Church of Our Saviour in Copenhagen. All the stairs made me a little woozy!


Aaron outside of our AWESOME tour bus. We're the last band to ever get to tour in this. That's how awesome it is.


Ebbe and Aaron.


Ebbe, our fearless tour manager who loves Jesus, metal music, and makes delicious spaghetti.


Walking through Copenhagen. This city has captivated me.


Ebbe and Jon in the Church Of Our Lady.




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